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How to Subscribe to the PAO Forum (and Others)

Using the email account where you want to receive the news, send a message to this link * and be sure to write one of the following lines as the first line of your message:

subscribe cap-ae

subscribe cap-cadet

subscribe cap-comm

subscribe cap-es

subscribe cap-forum (this list is moderated; the others are not)

subscribe cap-pao

subscribe cap-webmasters

After you confirm your request, you’ll receive yet another automatic message with your account password at that site. If you ever want to be dropped from the mailings, you’ll need this password. Make a hard copy and file it securely. You might need it later.

NOTE: All Southwest Region members who are PAOs or cadet PAOs are advised to subscribe to the cap-pao list. Commanders at all levels are encouraged to subscribe to this list as well. This is an important source of information flowing across wings, nationwide.

All links marked with an asterisk (*) open in a new tab or window. Please close the new session to return to this site.

Last updated: 09/03/15

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