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How to Submit Articles to The Fly-By

The Fly-By is published quarterly on the first month of each quarter.

Deadlines for submissions:

1Q – Dec. 20

2Q – March 20

3Q – June 20

4Q – Sept. 20


May be submitted in the body of an e-mail (preferred) or as a document attached to an e-mail (a text file, a Microsoft .doc or docx file, or if generated in a different word processor, saved in .RTF format). Articles must cover events that happened on the quarter previous to the month of publication. For instance, if it happened during the period January to March, it would be appropriate for the second quarter issue, published in April.


Must be in JPG format, unretouched, uncropped, and at least 1200 by 900 pixels (file size: 500KB or greater).


In all cases, please give full grade, name and unit of assignment of

  1. The article’s author,

  2. Photographer, and

  3. Any person mentioned in the article or appearing on accompanying photo(s).

Send submissions to the Editor at:

Message size limit: 20MB


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