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Submitting All Articles to SWR

  1. PA is a cooperative effort, coordinated from NHQ/PA, through SWR/PA, and through each wing PAO.

  2. All articles written by CAP members on subjects dealing with CAP belong to CAP.

    1. Articles may be written by unit PAOs or other unit members, including cadets.

    2. All articles will be bylined by the respective true author(s), and this byline will remain unchanged no matter how much editing is done by other persons.

    3. In the case of articles about an assigned mission, they will be submitted by the mission PIO, under the PIO’s byline.

  3. For the system to work well, openness and transparency are essential. To this effect,

    1. All articles and images generated within SWR need to be copied to SWR once they have been approved by the unit CC or activity director. Thus, as soon as approval from the unit CC or activity director (as appropriate) has been granted, the article is to be forwarded simultaneously up the chain (group, wing, and region).

    2. If instead of the approved original, the article is submitted to SWR/PA as edited by intermediate headquarters, SWR/PA requires to be copied also on the original text, as initially approved by the unit or activity.

    3. Submission to VolunteerNow is up to the article’s author, once the article has received wing/PA approval.

  4. Copying SWR/PA on all articles (not just a selection of them) is essential for the SWR/PA Team to be able to provide adequate mentoring, support and assistance to the region’s PA community.

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