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Marketing & Public Affairs

Capt. Morgan Montalvo

Director, Public Affairs, SWR

Lt. Col. Arthur Woodgate

Deputy Director & The Fly-By Editor-in-Chief

The purpose of this section is to guide public affairs officers in the region as they acquire the specialty’s skills, improve upon them, and become capable and effective communicators for their respective units. Above are listed hot current items. Below are links to to two more pages, as described.

The Grab Bag is just what the name suggests. As emergency services practitioners, we know the value of having our essentials ready to go as soon as we get the call (72-hour pack, field desk, laptop, camera, spare batteries, cell phone, change of clothes, toiletries…). The Grab Bag is more than that. It is the essential knowledge without which the PAO cannot function. If you have favorite items of your own that you would like to suggest for the Grab Bag, please send them to me.

The PA Matters page has links to a collection of useful articles and notes. Some of them are common sense, but others are the result of experience in the field, especially mentoring other PAOs. In mentoring both senior members and cadets, it became apparent that there were educational gaps (mostly because America’s educational system doesn’t always work). Some, also, are simple instructions on how to get every-day PA work done.

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